Apple releases iPhone 7 to the public

The Fab Phone of 2016


Sidney Patterson

The iPhone is a popular phone, and the iPhone 7 will be a big seller.

Corbin Nale, Staff Writer

Apple released the new iPhone 7 to the public around the world today.

Apple says, “The iPhone 7 dramatically increases the most important aspects of the iPhone experience.” It introduces new camera systems, battery life, speakers, and display.

It’s the upgrade. I’m getting the jet black!”

— Dominic Faith

The first, new feature for an iPhone is being splash and water resistant.

Apple is also releasing a new color for the iPhone, jet black, with all the colors being, rose gold, silver, black, jet black, and gold.

Corey Johnston, a ninth grader, said, “I like the new color and the new camera.”

Anson Jones, a ninth grader, said, “I like the new color and the idea of it being water resistant is cool, too.”

The iPhone 7 Plus is a larger version of the normal 7 but better. The 7 Plus will have a wider photo and zoom.

Both phones have a new stereo system that is 2 times as loud as the iPhone 6s. The battery life is 2 times longer, too.

The only downside of both phones is that they do not have an AUX port. That means you cannot listen to music without wireless headphones or the new Airpods.

Owen Shaulis, a tenth grader, said “There is no point in buying the phone if you can’t listen to music. My beats won’t work.”  John Kost, a ninth grader, said “I think its lame to not have an AUX port.”

Sophomore Dominic Faith said he was on his way to get a new phone the day it was released. He wasn’t thrilled about the ear phones – “They look kind of weird, like you have two wireless headphones on” – but he said he still had to make the purchase.

“It’s the upgrade,” he said. “I’m getting the jet black!”

Bellwood-Antis in general seems to not like the idea of the 7 having no AUX port.