The Power of Three: George ‘Joji’ Miller


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The Pink Guy goes serious with these three tunes.

Eli Vaglica, Staff Writer

George ‘Joji’ Miller is a Japanese-Australian musician and entertainer on multiple mediums, but is well-known for his YouTube personality Filthy Frank. George is credited with creating the Harlem Shake meme and dance on his former main channel DizastaMusic. After releasing a video to that channel, which was deeply personal on a condition that he had,  his fanbase took it as a complete joke, and from there he decided to separate his comedy channel into TVFilthyFrank. He still does music on his main channel, but it’s actually pretty savage rap from a fictional character he has called Pink Guy.

Medicine – Joji


I’m fairly certain that the words at least are taken from another song also titled Medicine by Daughter. Most of this song is repeated lines from the original version, but there’s a different part where this song says “don’t be what you want to, don’t be your medicine…” Overall, it’s a pretty deep, yet soft song. It’s one of his most listened to songs on YouTube, at least from his Joji personality, although he does have quite popular songs on his main channel.

Unsaved Info – Joji


The original version of this song is a short 57 seconds or so, but with the extended versions it’s something like 2+ minutes. It seems to be about a girl, but with such few words it’s hard to tell what exactly it’s about. The song is slow, but it has a good beat and flow to it. It’s good to listen to if you’re just looking to relax. It doesn’t have as many views as his other songs on YouTube; however, I’m pretty sure it’s off of an album he was going to make, but it got cancelled.

you suck charlie – Joji


I don’t think there isn’t a beat that this main can’t make into a smooth, calming piece. I’m pretty sure the title is referring to Charlie Brown, and the piano playing is actually from the Charlie Brown Christmas special. Joji makes the song come together with his falsetto background vocals and his naturally lower singing voice coming together to make the lyrics even more calming than just the original piano playing. If you’re into music that’s pretty laid back then this song, like the others, is for you.