Leo Club to host blood drive Wednesday


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Students and faculty are encouraged to give blood at the Leo Club Blood Drive, like attendance secretary Beth Zitterbart did in 2014.

Brooke Beichler, Staff Writer

The LEO club is sponsoring the Red Cross Blood Drive for students this week.

The drive is scheduled to take place in the middle school gym on Wednesday, November 2. It will start at 8:30 a.m. and end around 2:30 p.m.

All students donating have to be sixteen or older, and have a permission slip signed by their parents.

It provides an opportunity for students to contribute to their community.”

— Mrs. Bartlett

Leo Club Adivisor Mrs. Carol Bartlett explained the importance of a Red Cross Blood Drive at our school.

“It provides an opportunity for students to contribute to their community. In some cases donating blood in high school sets up a life-long service that students could potentially follow up with through college and beyond,” she said.

She also stressed that even if student are unable to donate blood it is still important because they become aware of the importance of building up our community’s blood supply.

The students who want to donate must sign up for a specific time, and they will be given a red bracelet with their time on it. Mrs. Bartlett would like to receive 30 donations.  However, she explained how these numbers are affected.

“Some students are unable to donate because they become sick with a cold.  Others don’t meet weight and height requirements,” she said.  “Also, body piercings and tattoos can determine if a student is able to donate.”

All times must be scheduled and prearranged before the day of the blood drive.

Initial screenings and surveys will be given to determine if you’re able to donate blood.

After the students donate, they will stay in the gym until they recover enough to return to class.