Kermit Foor brings chess to the Media Center

Tech-iest place in school uses a throwback to entertain students


Cazen Cowfer

Mrs. Butler and Ms. Forshey pose with Kermit beside his chess table.

Cazen Cowfer, Staff Writer

You might think kids at Bellwood-Antis have everything they need in their new Media Center. There’s coffee, comfy couches, free wi-fi, snacks, and the ability to use their phones.

Ironically, technology guru Kermit Foor thought that something was missing, so he decided to add a little “throwback” to the Media Center.

Kermit used his woodworking skills to build a chess table that is now on display in the Media Center.

Besides having a piece of really cool furniture, students will be able to play on it.”

— Ms. Forshey

“Basically, I thought something was missing,” said Kermit, who is a junior.  “I thought it would add more emphasis to the room, and that it would be a good way for students to interact with each other.”

The beautiful chess table sits in the middle of four chairs for all the students to see. There are no chess pieces yet.

“We are actually going to order them in because there’s no way I could make them all,” added Kermit.

Ms. Jamie Forshey, the B-A Director of Instructional Technology & Media, likes the atmosphere Kermit’s table provides.

“Besides having a piece of really cool furniture, students will be able to play on it,” said Ms. Forshey.

Ms. Forshey said she likes that the chess table is going to allow students to play an old fashioned board game together. They can relax and have a good time, and it gives them something else to do besides using their phones or checking social media.

“ From the very beginning, Kermit has been coming up with new ideas for the Media Center,” said Ms. Forshey.  “Now, he has even built a specific piece of furniture for the space.”