Life Skills Classroom holds the 2nd Annual Thanksgiving bake sale!


Bryce Graham

Mrs. Carson and her students are holding another Thanksgiving bake sale this holiday season.

Anson Jones, Staff Writer

Mrs. Summer Carson’s Life Skills classroom will be hosting its second annual bake sale for Thanksgiving during the month of November.

The sale will end Monday, November 14 and the delivery date will be Tuesday, November 22.  Last year the classroom had a goal of 100 items being sold, and Mrs. Carson made the goal.

This year she set a hefty goal for this year’s sale of selling at least 175 items.

This bake sale will help with getting students in the Life Skills classroom out in the community, as well as providing more field trips for all the students who participate and help in the classroom.

There will be three delicious homemade items available for purchase at the sale: Pumpkin Log, Pumpkin Maple Trial Mix, and S’mores Trial Mix.  The Pumpkin Log will cost $7.50.  The Maple Pumpkin Trail Mix and S’mores trail mix will cost $4.00.

The baked items will be made fresh within the classroom by the Mrs. Carson and the support staff.  Students will get a chance to be a part of the process by helping with sales, picking and organizing all of the items being sold, and helping out with the delivery of the items.

“Student will get a chance to be involved in this,” said Mrs. Carson. “They will be sorting the orders and helping with delivery this is a great opportunity for the kids to help out.”

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to get some sweet and yummy treats while helping out the LSS skills classroom.