No Lives Matter


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Black Lives Matter began as something good but didn’t remain as such.

Eli Vaglica, Staff Writer

Black Lives Matter is a terrorist group.

“All lives matter” is a dismissive slap in the face from white people.

There, that’s my opinion on it. Article done, grades won. Oh, I can’t just write two sentences… Alright, I’ll tell you why I think that; that’ll beef up my story.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) had a great ideology when it started, before it became a bunch of race hating, Black Panther terrorists. I believe that some  parts of the country have police who are racist and have abused their power as a protective authority. However, there’s no way that every white cop who kills a black person is thinking about how much they hate them for their skin color.

If anything they hate them for a crime they’re committing. Police are often overly aggressive, and I personally think they should undergo trimonthly psychiatric evaluations. They face psych screenings before they are brought into law enforcement, but can that possibly be able to judge their capability over time?

However, BLM was a group that was trying to speak out about the crime that they felt was being committed by the people that are supposed to be stopping crime. The group was about bringing racism in America’s law enforcement to light.  BLM’s original goal was not evil, but it takes one push off the edge for them to become a hate group that discriminates towards whites. Now, any aggressive move by police officers towards African Americans is cast as racist brutality.

When the original BLM movement started it was not trying to say that black lives are the only ones that matter. It was trying to say ‘I matter.’”

Not all white people are racist, the BLM movement and people like the rioters, Social Justice Warriors with no sense of reality, and public figures like Tyler Oakley lead people to believe all whites are. For example, I do not dislike Tyler Oakley for his sexuality. I dislike him for his stance on people being racist for not finding themselves attracted to another race.

When people did their best to not judge him for his sexuality, he gained a following with his open sexual preference. But when he just falls out of the limelight he has the audacity to tell everyone else how to live their lives and who to be attracted to in order to be socially correct. But since he’s gay he’s given himself a free pass. These are the truly privileged of the leftists.

If Black Lives Matter is a flame then white people are surely feeding it. “All lives matter” might seem like a grab for equality or sense of justice for all, but that’s just it; that’s the dismissive slap in the face. The BLM argument isn’t for everyone to feel justified; it is whether or not people can admit that killing based on racial bias exists within the police.

“All lives matter” can be viewed as a quick grasp for attention from people believing to be offended by something irrelevant to them. It’s true that, on the one hand, all lives should matter. However, when the original BLM movement started it was not trying to say that black lives are the only ones that matter. It was trying to say “I matter. Not because of the color of my skin, but for every one of the same color as me; we matter. There are forces that wish us harm and this is our outcry.” It was a peaceful assembly that turned into radicalism.

Each side of this debate has become so convoluted that it really doesn’t matter what they support anymore. The only thing that matters to them is social understanding through a mindset of animosity and insolence.