The War on Christmas


Julianna Norris

Christmas isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Eli Vaglica, Staff Writer

The war on Christmas. It’s truly more horrific then the war on drugs or terrorism. [Insert deity here] forbid our [insert holiday here] be taken away from us.

Should Christmas be banned from schools to appease the separation of church and state? Is Christmas even a Christian holiday anymore in our godless, capital-driven society?

Remember when all the overly conservative Christians lost their minds over the Starbucks coffee cup not bending to their will and submitting a Christmas-themed cup? I do, and the war on Christmas is very real my friends, as real as Mr. Claus himself.

It’s nuts. You make up a time when your savior was born, since we don’t actually know when he was born (probably wasn’t December 25); however, that happens to coincide with pagan holidays and rituals common during the Roman Empire; it then morphs into a holiday that’s just an excuse to buy from the market anymore. Nice.

In school, anytime I’ve celebrated the holiday season the closest thing to Christianity I’ve seen is a tree. A pine tree, which like the time period of the  original holiday, was done to congregate the pagans and make them convert . I don’t feel like school really tries to indoctrinate kids to a certain belief on holidays.

However, I do think the pledge feels very hypnotic. The pledge mentions God in reference to our nation being under the Christian god. I can understand this, though, because whenever the pledge was instituted America was probably predominantly Christian.

A little off topic, but oh gees, now I’ve started a war on the Pledge of Allegiance.