Cafe opens for business in the Media Center


Bryce Graham

The cafe is open for business in the Media Center.

John Kost and Julianna Norris

The Media Center at Bellwood-Antis High School has everything from couches to free usable Wi-Fi.

Now, there’s a café that you can order food and drinks from.

We want the media center to become the hub of the school, a place where students can come hang out and learn.

— Ms. Forshey

The media center is now serving food provided and managed by the Nutrition Group, which runs the Bellwood-Antis cafeteria. The food can be purchased by entering your 88 number.

Menu options include breakfast foods, snack foods, and drinks such as flavored waters, Gatorade, and hot drinks like cocoa. The media center has also added TVs to the room and have been playing mostly news and sports channels.

The addition of the café is one of the final pieces to the vision of the Media Center that was developed during the summer.

“We have been working on the café for several months now and it’s really exciting to see it open every day for the students,” said Ms. Jamie Forshey, Director of Instructional Technology & Media.

“We want the media center to become the hub of the school, a place where students can come hang out and learn,” said Ms. Forshey.

Students like Bryce Graham go to the Media Center every day to listen to music and hang out. The overall atmosphere of the is warm and welcoming within the school complex, he said.

Kermit Foor is a supervisor for the Media Center and is a tech helper. He said his favorite part of the media center is the café because it is a nice thing for students to have available to them during the day.

Junior Mikayla Mason said the Media Center and café help make school less monotonous.

“It has made the year less boring,” she said, “because you can get on your phone and watch TV.”

Café workers Jasmine McCoy and Ali Dumin said there has been a steady stream of study hall users ordering food and drinks at the café during school.

“There are days when it’s very busy,” said Jasmine.