The Power of Three: Winter songs


Brianna Reiter

These songs capture the mood of winter.

Eli Vaglica, Blogs Editor

Imagery can be boundless, especially when it comes to music. One guitar can remind you of a fiery inferno or a soft, winter snow.

Since it is winter, the theme here is going to be songs with a connection to the season. How can a dark space surrounding you, some simple thing setting you off, and the tale of a broken man fighting for his life against an unknown enemy relate to winter? I don’t really know, but Bush, Alice In Chains, and U2 probably could tell you.

Sound of Winter – Bush


This song takes you all over the place. Apparently it’s about the one thing that goes wrong that can drag us under or off course like the sound of winter. See what I did there? All in all a good song, even if it’s not so much about winter as you’d think or like to be. It’s a pretty good post-grunge sound if you’re looking for something to rock out starting the new year.

Heaven Beside You – Alice In Chains

Alice in Chains/YouTube

“Like the coldest winter chill…” this song is about how we can have some of the greatest things in life like a loving partner, but internally we feel demons that we can’t express to this heaven beside us from the hell within, which when you step back to look at can be quite chilling. The song’s got an “I don’t really care” attitude despite it being so emotional. Man, this is getting too deep for Power of 3.

Winter – U2


I personally never really listen to U2 because they’re too upbeat. I saw this song and I had to give it a shot. While it’s still pretty upbeat, most of the song talks about how summer feels, which is symbolic of how the speaker used to feel, and then that they lost that summer feeling. Now, all they fight is some intangible ghost and the winter holding them back.