Local author donates book sales to Maddie Shura


Amazon cover photo

Daniel Bryson has raised $7,000 for the Shura family by selling his children’s books on Amazon.com.

Anson Jones, Staff Writer

For a long time Daniel Bryson wanted to write children’s books about being different as a way of telling his children its’ okay to be different.

Little did he know as years passed he would be writing for a child that has been diagnosed with a severe brain tumor. Maddie Shura is second grade student at Bellwood-Antis’s Myers Elementary, and she has been fighting her battle with cancer since last May.

Mr. Bryson is helping out Maddie and the Shura family by writing children stories at home and donating all of his proceeds to the Shura family. He is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist at J.C. Blair Hospital.

“I think it’s very important for parents to read their children, so I wanted to write a book for them,” said Mr. Bryson.

Traveling to so many doctors and the paying the expense of medication gets very expensive.

I think it’s very important for parents to read their children, so I wanted to write a book for them.

— Daniel Bryson

That’s why Mr. Bryson said all of the books sales will be donated to the Shura family. His books, which are available on Amazon.com, include The Adventure of Pistachio Mustachio and The Adventure of Pistachio Mustachio: The search for Cashew Manchu.

So far, Mr. Bryson has sold several thousand books and raised over $7,000.

“I decided to self-publish the book so as to not waste any time getting it out there,” said Mr. Bryson.

Mr. Bryson is basically a self-manager; He said since he does not have any platform to use his voice to receive donations and money for the family, he thought this could be a good opportunity to contribute.

Mr. Pete Harry, a kindergarten teacher at Myers, has been helping Mr. Bryson get the word out through his YouTube channel, which has more than 120,000 subscribers.