MS students of the week


Ali Wagner

Kole Robison, Ashlyn Holby, Hannah Regan, and Kole Dickinson are the most recent Students of the Week.

Brooke Beichler, Staff Writer

Four more incredible students have been chosen to be the Middle School Students of the Week.

This weeks students of the week are Kole Dickinson, Hannah Regan, Ashlyn Holby, and Kenny Robison.

Fifth grader Kole Dickinson was chosen by the fifth grade teachers because “he is a great role model for his peers, a pleasure to have in class, and always completes his homework.”

In six grade, Hannah Regan was chosen by the sixth grade teachers because “she has a positive attitude, is a pleasure to have in class, and is very respectful.”

Ashlyn Holby in seventh grade was chosen by the seventh grade teachers. They say “she is a pleasure to have in class, respectful and cooperative to both her teachers and classmates, and she is academically strong in all subject areas”.

Kenny Robison was chosen by the eighth grade teachers. “He is a super all around student, and he is cooperative, responsible, respectful, and academically,” say his teachers.