Cafeteria expands food options


Julianna Norris

The cafeteria is introducing new food options to students.

Corey Johnston, Staff Writer

Cafeteria director Taylor Danko has developed some new ideas for lunches in the upcoming marking periods, along with new ideas for the media center.

Some of Mrs. Danko’s new ideas include monthly specials and recipes.

Mrs. Danko said “The recipes of the month are on the menu if you look at it. This month’s recipe was savory ham pot pie, and next month we plan to have buffalo chicken alfredo on February 4.”

Also, Mrs. Danko plans to have new monthly specials which students can find on the menu.

“This month the special will be spring rolls and we will be selling them on Friday the 27th for the Chinese New Year. Next month will be chocolate covered fruit,” said Mrs. Danko.

B-A students seem enthused by the lunch upgrades.

Mrs. Danko was also thinking about some new updates for the media center, which is run by the Nutrition Group, which also directs the cafeteria.

Some ideas that Mrs. Danko was thinking about were making homemade coffee cakes and also trying out buffalo chicken dip for the media center.