Service Paws for Pets still rolling


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Service Paws for Pets recently launched a new website.

Corey Johnston, Staff Writer

Mrs. Linda Noonan, a Title One reading aide at Myers, is all about Service Paws.

Mrs. Noonan has done a lot to spread the organization’s message at Bellwood-Antis over the last year, and she is excited to announce that the group has created a new web page.

Mrs. Noonan said, “We feel this is a new and exciting way to spread the word of our services to reach more people in need, to provide this life changing support.”

We feel this is a new and exciting way to spread the word of our services to reach more people in need.”

— Mrs. Noonan

The Service Paws website is accessible at this link, and they also have a Facebook page called Service Paws of Central PA.

Services Paws is a nonprofit, non-residential, community-based organization, founded in 2011 by Ms. Leslie Kelly, who herself is deaf and relies on the expertise of her service dog, Nokie.

Services Paws was founded with a goal of helping individuals financially to obtain service dogs.

Service Dogs are used for many reasons like assisting individuals who are blind or have low vision with navigation and other tasks.

Mrs. Kelly struggled to raise $5,000 for the purchase of her services dog, Nokie, which inspired her dream to help others purchase and maintain services dogs.

Last year, B-A collected 426 pounds of pop can tabs and raised $250 for Service Paws. One pound of pop can tabs is equal to 50 cents.

That project is still ongoing at B-A, as well, according to Mrs. Noonan.

Mrs. Noonan said, “We are still collecting aluminum can tabs for the Service Paws.” She also said “People don’t realize how much of a help collecting those can tabs are, they really help in the long run.”