College Corner: Jordan McCracken


Jestalynn Heaton

Jordan McCracken is heading to IUP.

The Blueprint: How many colleges did you apply to?

Jordan McCracken: 2.

The Blueprint: Where else did you consider?

Jordan McCracken: Slippery Rock, Millersville, and Seton Hill.

The Blueprint: Have you visited other schools?

Jordan McCracken: Yes- UPJ, Seton Hill, and Millersville.

The Blueprint: What made you chose the specific major of Health and Safety Applied Environmental Science?

Jordan McCracken: IUP has one of the best programs for my major and there is always a need for science so I could qualify for mostly any science job with this degree.

The Blueprint: What do you think will be some of the major differences between college and high school?

Jordan McCracken: Meeting people for the first time since it’s a big school, I will be on my own and starting to become an adult, and I will figure things out about myself.

The Blueprint: What do you expect from the everyday social life at IUP?

Jordan McCracken: I think it is going to be a bit overwhelming in the beginning but I think I will get used to it: meeting new people and learning my way around.