Where in the World?

Middle School Students Learn About Geography on the Morning Announcements


So, you want to learn about some of the coolest places in the world? Then tune into Where in the World are Trevor and Jackson, one of the latest and greatest hits on the Bellwood Buzz.

What is this new fad that was added to the BAMS morning news program all about may just be the question you’re asking, but have no fear. Here’s the explanation. Twice a week, Trevor Miller and I go on air. We have one goal and one goal only: To educate the middle school about countries around the world and states of the U.S. We give the students three clues about the country. For example, “This country’s flag color is…”. Then, we show a picture from the country we are in as well. The next day, we tell the students where we were.

I went around and interviewed some students about their likes related to “Where in the World”. One student responded, “I like it because I learn about different countries”. Another student said, “I love the challenge”. A final student stated, “It is fun to guess”.

Before closing, I must tell you about the brains behind our “Where in the World” operation. Her name is Maggie Erickson.  Maggie finds all of our clues online and our visuals too. She also types a new script for us, at least once a week. Without Maggie, I am convinced “Where in the World” would not be as successful as it is today.

Hopefully you can tune into our program some day!