Fab Freshman: Emily Osborne


Brooke Beichler

Emily Is Having A Superb Year In High School!

Fab Freshman: Emily Osborne

Freshman Emily Osborne is thriving in high school. She is one of the funniest people you will ever meet, and she is always in a good mood.

Emily loves High school, and is happy to be here.

“I love all the freedom we have in high school,” said Emily.

Outside of school Emily dances at Andrea’s, and she loves spending time with her friends.

“I dance, and hang out with my friends a lot when I’m not in school,” said Emily.

“One thing that nobody knows about me is that I can play the office theme song on the piano,” said Emily.

Emily’s said her biggest role model in life is her dad.

“My dad is my biggest role model because he has been through so much, but he keeps such a positive attitude and is the funniest person I know,” said Emily.

Emily said, “I would tell anyone who’s coming into high school not to be scared because it’s not as bad as you’d think.”