People are snakes


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How can you spot a snake in he grass when the grass is made of snakes?

Eli Vaglica, Blogs Editor

Sometimes you just have to build a wall and cut people off.

Instead of giving yourself more grief in the place of someone else’s baggage, maybe you need to cut them out of your life.

Look, I’m no emotional grief counselor and I don’t even know what I’m doing when I write a lot of these blogs. But I do know that I don’t force these blogs out and I don’t force anyone to stay in my life.

I just want to be free … live and let live, and live and let die. People come and go, if you’re not raising people up or people aren’t raising you up onto their shoulders so that you can see what lies ahead you’ll spend a lot of time looking at the ground, which leads nowhere on its own.

I keep my distance a lot. I try not to say but a few things to people.

How can you spot a green snake in the grass if all the grass is made of green snakes?

That question doesn’t make much sense and it’s more of just like poetic thing, but how can you see if a friend is poisonous when they hide behind other people who end up being just as toxic?

I don’t even know if anybody can relate to this. I’ve had friends, girlfriends, and even family that I had to let go of, they hid in the grass and waited for the right time to strike. For a long time it hurt and felt like I was paralyzed, blindsided. It hurts when you love something so much and all it leads you to in the end is hate.

But eventually you get up and you can stand. You can even cut the grass, build a wall or a tower from your own will and from there you can see snakes from miles away.

Or you can submit and just lie down to be consumed by the serpents.