Wicca: a religious practice for edgy teens


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Wicca is a religion made for teenage girls.

Eli Vaglica, Blogs Editor

If you didn’t know, Wicca is a spiritual practice of Pagan Witchcraft and is a relatively new religious movement.

Who actually practices Wicca without being some kind of emo teenage girl?

Now, before anybody calls me a bigot and sends their crone to put a hex one me…actually do just that. I’d like to see somebody try to put their lame little chant on me. Oooh, so spooky, you get extra candy on Halloween for this.

The surplus of teenage people (in my experience it’s females) who need new identities and spiritual practices overflows like a rabid dog foaming at the mouth. You’re not witches, you haven’t been given some special power, although everybody wishes they had something like that to help them along with finding themselves.

I get that people feel the need to belong to a group, but these people worship the cycles of the moon, goddesses, and basically only have the moral value of what-goes-around-comes-around from the Wiccan Rede, pretty much just influenced by karma. As an outsider, I really wouldn’t know though.

How does someone just start a religion, like, is it really just so simple?”

They’re not Satanists, although most Satanists are actually just atheists who praise the human characteristics of Satan. LaVeyan Satanists practice this, although they also believe in like magic and were both formed sometime in the 60s.

How does someone just start a religion, like, is it really just so simple?

This is ridiculous. People get so bored or upset with the god of the Abrahamic religions  that we get… what? a bunch of people dressing in black and playing make-believe in the forest, excuse me, I mean witches and crones that are totally rational and would never do that?

I mean, in the end I support the fact that there is freedom of religion and you can practice whatever you want without being harmful, but young, impressionable teens are like hopping in and out of this likes it’s something when it’s really not. I don’t think these people should be leaning on this to find their identities. I just don’t think it’s healthy even if they say they’re vegan and claim to just burn lots of incense, have lots of essential oils and hoard gems and stones.