Peanut butter eggs go on sale


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Mrs. Carson and her students are embarking on their second annual Peanut Butter Egg Sale in time for Easter.

Anson Jones, Staff Writer

The Life Skills classroom’s Peanut Butter Egg Sale is kicking off for the second year in a row. It will be held March 23 through April 6, and the delivery date will be April 12.

The peanut butter eggs will be made by Mrs. Summer Carson and her staff.  However, the students have already assisted with purchasing the items needed to make the peanut butter eggs.  The students will assist with collecting orders and compiling the orders.

“Last year, we sold 120 eggs we would like to come close to that goal again,” said Mrs. Carson.

According to Mrs. Carson, the fundraiser will allow more opportunity for the students to visit places within the community in which they live.  Whether it is a work experience opportunity, visiting a store to work on money skills, or simply going out to eat to work on communications skills, the fundraiser will allow my students to continue to work on increasing their functional skills.

Mrs. Carson said, “I’m looking forward to taste testing, but in all honesty, I continue to look forward to taking my students out in community so they are able to implement and practice their skills they have learned in the classroom.”