Mrs. Noonan continues campaign for service dogs


Miakla McCracken

Mrs. Noonan is once again leading the Service Paws for Pets initiative.

Willie Williams, Staff Writer

Several years ago, Leslie Kelly, the founder of service dogs, visited Myers Elementary school along with her service dog, Sara, to demonstrate to the children how many amazing jobs that she can perform to aid her in a living productive life.

The visit moved Myers teacher Linda Noonan, an avid dog lover, to get involved.

In order to offset the cost of training, the organization started collecting aluminum tabs. The purpose of these aluminum tabs being donated to is collect them so that way you can raise money to pay to train and own these service dogs so people in need of them can have them and so the dog can support that person in need.

B-A picked up the project under Mrs. Noonan’s direction in 2015 and has continued it ever since.

Noonan has a bottle that she has inside of her classroom and students are permitted to put these pop tabs inside just to donate money by recycling these so that these people in need can have a service dog. By making a school wide program, over $400 was raised.

Last year’s donation was only 666 pop tabs for $300, and before that was 424 pop tabs for $200, and this was all by making a school wide program.

Making students aware of the needs of others, issues of the environmental atmosphere, and the satisfaction of working for a common cause to better serve the world are all ways that kids can help out.

“Though a lot of time, effort and hard work Service Paws has been growing in funding and awareness. This summer, a Paws it Forward Golf tournament was held with outstanding success. Autism, diabetes, epilepsy, hearing loss, blindness, and PTSD are some of the issues that people face and are aided with a service dog,” said Mrs. Noonan