Scholastic scrimmage team gets one step closer

Team goes 3-1 at latest meet


Courtesy photo

Scholastic Scrimmage team members: front row (l to r) Dan Kustaborder, Hannah Hornberger, Braden Heisler, and Robert VanKirk; back row (l to r): Caden Nagle, Paulino Cuevas and Philip Chamberlin.

Leah Farber, Staff Writer

The Bellwood-Antis High School Scholastic Scrimmage team has a championship in its sights.

Mrs. Kathy Taylor, the team’s adviser, thinks that Bellwood is up for the challenge against their toughest competition yet against Hollidaysburg and Altoona.

The team finished its second day of competition Tuesday, October 10 at the IU8 headquarters in Altoona.

This year everyone has a specific area where they are strong, so we’re more of a team.”

— Hannah Horrnberger

The team has won 5 of 7 matches in two meets. On Tuesday they defeated Northern Bedford, Tyrone and Hope for Hyndman, and only lost to Bedford.

“It was a stronger performance than our first meet,” said senior BradenHeisler. “We buzzed in on questions faster, and if there was a time when we didn’t know, and the other team didn’t know, we buzzed in and guessed right, so we were more aggressive.”

The team has 6 matches left against Altoona, Hollidaysburg, Great Commission, Everett, Chestnut Ridge, and Tussey Mountain.

Mrs. Taylor said she feels that the team has performed well so far, and the upcoming competition will be difficult, but if the team can get five wins out of the next six they will qualify for the finals.

“We’ve never made the finals with this team,” said senior Hannah Hornberger, ” but I feel we’re doing well. Usually one person tends to dominate and answer most of the questions, but this year everyone has a specific area where they are strong, so we’re more of a team.”

“It’s not all about making the finals,” Hannah continued. “It’s more about the friendships you develop, but it would be nice to make the finals.”

The top four schools will meet on Thursday, November 2.

Team members include Hannah, Braden, Robert VanKirk, Dan Kustaborder, Nathan Wolfe, Caden Nagle, and Philip Chamberlin.