NJHS assists public library with book sale


Kathy Taylor

NJHS recently provided manpower for the B-A Public Library’s book sale.

Julianna Norris , Copy/Page Editor

On October 9-14, the Bellwood-Antis Public Library held it’s annual book sale. Many novels, kid’s books, VCR tapes, cook books and paperbacks were set up to sell with the help of community volunteers. However, there was so much to do in order to prepare for the book sale that even with all the help from community volunteers, there were still spots to fill. That’s where the Nation Junior Honor Society (NJHS) stepped in.

While it was fun, we were being active members of our community.”

— Caedon Poe

The middle school National Junior Honor Society spent their free time after school helping set up and put away book sale books on Monday, October 2 and on Monday, October 16. While this was a school-activity, it was not during school. The NJHS members took time out of their own busy afternoon schedules to help.

On the first day, which was two days before the start of the book sale, 8 students helped carry all the books up from the library basement and then put them out on the sale tables. The second day, which was two days after the book sale ended, the NJHS members carried all the unsold books back to the basement to store for the next book sale.

Caden Poe, who is a Nation Junior Honor Society member, helped with the book sale both days. He says that it’s fun to help out.

“Carrying books allowed us to support and help others. While it was fun, we were being active members of our community,” said Caden.

Mrs. Kathy Taylor, the NJHS adviser, is very proud of her students for taking initiative.

“It is good to see them take it upon themselves to volunteer their own free time towards helping their community,” said Mrs. Taylor.