POWER OF THREE: Cute baby animals


Brooke Snyder

This week: 3 animals that are at their cutest as babies.

Lordin Williams , Staff Writer

Ant Eater

Public Domain Image
Baby anteater

One animal that you wouldn’t expect to be cute is an ant eater. Sure, when they are grown, they aren’t the cutest. However, as babies, they are adorable. Their long snouts make them look kind of strange, but still endearing. At least you don’t have to worry about ants anymore!



Public Domain Image
Baby sloth.

Another baby animal that is cute is a sloth.  When you think of a sloth, you aren’t immediately drawn to their looks. Yet as a baby, they are heart-stopping cute. They look like they are smiling at you with their natural puled-up grin.  They might be one of the slowest creatures you will ever see, but when you look at their faces, you won’t mind watching one, even though it might be the equivalent of watching paint drying.


Public Domain Image
Baby hippo.

I’m sure hippos aren’t the first animal to come to mind when you think of cute. But when you see them as babies in all their chubby glory, they are one of the cutest things you will ever see. I think that hippos are cute when they mature, but some people don’t. However there is no argument when it comes to baby hippos. I think people would change their minds if they saw a tiny, chubby hippo. Some say hippos are dangerous, but as a calf, they are one of the least threatening things to see.