Do something about bump stocks, but use caution


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Tanner Worthing supports bump stock regulations, but warns to proceed with caution.

Tanner Worthing, Student Contributor

Bump stocks are a tool that had little attention prior to the shooting spree that took place in Las Vegas earlier this month. According to the New York Times, bump stocks are modified stocks that are able to slide back and forth. This lets the gun use its recoil to propel the gun forward so it fires again, which makes a semi-automatic gun fire like a fully-automatic.  

Fully-automatic guns are tightly regulated.  There is a rigorous application process that includes two photos, fingerprints, and background check, along with a fee of $200 for each gun.  These are reviewed quite thoroughly.  Fully-automatic guns are also not allowed to be transported across state lines, without prior consent from the federal government. So few people can legally buy and own fully automatic guns.  

 That’s like giving a kid candy, telling him not to eat it, and then turning away.”

— Tanner Worthing

Okay, so what are the laws/regulations like for a bump stock, which makes any semi-automatic rifle fire as if it were fully-automatic?  Well, hold on to your seat for this one;  according to CBS News, there are no sale restrictions.  California is the only state to explicitly restrict the sale bump-fire devices.  So in 49 states, you can buy and sell bump stocks.  Here was the original catch, you weren’t allowed to use them…  WHAT?!?!  How does that make any sense??  That’s like giving a kid candy, telling him not to eat it, and then turning away.  That is crazy and sadly it took the death of 58 people and 546 injured.  

I would consider myself a strong Republican. I am also a gun owner. But something needs to be done to regulate these bump stocks.  

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has come out and said they are willing to regulate bump stocks.  However, this where we need to tread lightly because this could be a very slippery slope.  It could lead to no rifles at all.  This is where we need to formulate a plan that both sides can agree on.  

But the situation must be solved. And I would say bump stocks should be regulated just like fully-automatic guns because they are so similar.  But always remember the effects that may trickle down.