2 Cool 4 School: Quintin Nelson


Kaelynn Behrens

Quintin Nelson uses LEGOS to turn video projects into works of art.

Mya Decker, Staff Writer

BluePrint News

2 Cool 4 School is used to highlighting  students who are achieving in areas outside of school; however, Quintin Nelson is a Bellwood-Antis junior who excels at incorporating his hobbies into his required classes.

Quintin loves science and math and has a passion for LEGOs. When he puts the two together something “2 Cool 4 School” happens.

“The real thrill in it is the creativity and the boundary-less ability you have with them,” Quintin said.

Quintin has been making LEGO videos for school projects, as well as for fun, for a while now. His first school video came in the seventh grade for Mr. Brandon Hescox’s science class.

He has made four animations for school, which may not seem like many until you consider that  a video as brief as five minutes takes 24 hours of preparation.

Quintin Nelson

Recently, Quintin entered a science competition called the Breakthrough Junior Challenge for which he made a video explaining a complex subject in math, physics, or life science. He, of course, used LEGOs to make his video on string theory.

Quintin didn’t make the finals, but he did finish in the top 5% from among more than 3,000 international submissions.

Quintin Nelson

When not creating videos, Quintin stays very busy with projects that appeal to his desire to create and stay LIVE.

“I make videos, LEGO animations, run; I run a business called Aurora Light Gear, I write, and I will be getting a job as an assistant/technical manager/DJ trainee in December,” Quintin said. “I study physics, I have a book of inventions I “dream up” … Oh I collect hot wheels.

“Oh, and I’m an official nerd!”

Congratulations to Quintin. Make sure you check out some of his creations on his YouTube channel!