Ali Dumin

Clay Engle often uses art to soothe his soul after basketball.

Emily Dively, Staff Writer

Clay Engle is a basketball star.

It’s easy for people to think that his play on the court is his artistic ability, but what people don’t know is that he’s is really good at art and sketching pictures.

Clay is this week’s Artist of the Week.

Clay is a very talented artist who has been drawing since he was a “young bull,” and he said that basketball influences his drawing a lot.

“After a hard game or maybe a practice, drawing chills me out and calms me down if I’m angry,” he said.

He draws depending on his mood.

The senior likes to draw anything, but if there is something in particular that he likes to draw it would be dinosaurs.

Clay also realizes  that drawing impacts his life.

“It makes my mother like me more when I bring home some high quality art,” Clay said.