BA History 101: ’89 Rookie Replaces Riley


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Mike Lingenfelter began his career at B-A in 1989.

This week we take a look back to 28 years ago when Mr. Mike Lingenfelter started his days teaching at Bellwood-Antis High. On December 1, 1989, The Hylite, the precursor of The Blueprint, reported that Mr. Lingenfelter had been recently hired to fill a position in the science department.

Mr. Lingenfelter is an ’89 Lock Haven graduate who originally graduated from Bellwood.

He was hired that year to fill the position vacated by Mr. William Riley’s absence due to illness.

His duties included teaching physics, physical science and conservation education.

Upon taking his first job in his major at BAHS, Mr. Lingenfelter stated that he was surrounded by lots of talented students and faculty.

He was later asked his feelings on teaching.

He responded by saying, “ I use to weigh my success on how well I understood something as a student. Now I weigh my success on how well I can take something that I know and communicate it to others and have it take on meaning and application.”

Many years later Mr. Lingenfelter is out of the classroom as the district’s head Technology Coordinator, working with Superintendent Dr. Tom McInroy to map out and implement plans for technology use across BASD.

On a daily basis he works with Ms. Jamie Forshey, who is the Director of Instructional Technology, and also Mr. Jason Corel, who is the Technology Assistant.