Music Department gets to work on Godspell


Julianna Norris

Ms. Hull and the Music Department are preparing to perform Godspell in April.

Julianna Norris , Copy/Page Editor

The Bellwood-Antis music department has picked GodSpell, as this year’s musical, and one talented senior has been slated in the lead role.

The play will be held April 27-29. Tickets can be reserved at

GodSpell is a musical based upon the Gospel according to St. Matthew and Luke, creating a story involving Jesus, John, and Judas spreading Christ’s message of love and tolerance. Stephen Schwartz, the composer of GodSpell, brought a classic rock-and-roll style to his music. He is also the producer of Wicked, Pippen, and Children of Eden.

Recently, the cast list was released, announcing the leading players and the ensemble.  Robert VanKirk is playing the role of Jesus while John and Judas are being played by Dominic Faith.

The leading players include Idamarie Lugo, Shalee Bennett, Kaleah Smith, Hunter Gregg, June Park, Nicholas Caracciolo, Kamryn Mercer, Hannah Hornberger, Hannah Wicks, Cooper Burns, and Noah Patton. The all-star ensemble for the musical consists of Malia Danish, Kyra Woomer, Anna Sloey, Cazen Cowfer, Langston Anderson, Brooke Beichler, Haley Campbell, Olivia Bailor, Jayce Miller, Avery Turk, Lydia Worthing, Alexandra Diamond, Thalia Lucio, Karlie Feathers, Rachel Wertz, Sasha Nyman, and Tylar Clemente.

Ms. Hull thinks that this year’s production has a very talented crew and promises to be a fun-filled musical.

“Our GodSpell production promises to be a lot of fun, and while pursuing their musical and theatrical ‘best,’ I think our BAHS cast will discover just how talented they are,” said Ms. Hull.

While GodSpell is the final choice, it was not the first choice. Originally, Ms. Hull and the musical department had chosen Little Abner. However, there were not enough boys who tried out for the play and so many open spots that the play simply wouldn’t work out.

While pursuing their musical and theatrical ‘best,’ I think our BAHS cast will discover just how talented they are.”

— Ms. Hull

While some people were disappointed with the musical change, Ms. Hull thinks that GodSpell is more challenging and a more inspiring musical for the cast.

“While GodSpell was not the initial show that the BAHS musical department hoped to stage this year, it promises to be the most musically challenging, inspiring, and fulfilling production that could have been selected,” said Ms. Hull.

Apart from the change in musicals, the cast also has a new director this year. Mrs. Karen Volpe is well-known as a director and actress in shows preformed in other school districts and the Altoona Community Theater.

With an excited cast and a promising musical, practices are already underway to put on this exciting and influential musical.