Need for Speed- Rivals


Quinton Nelson, Staff Writer

When Need for Speed first came out in 1994, it took the world by storm. With a whopping 20 games produced since then, it never fails to amaze people every time a new game comes out. The graphics get better and better each time, and the stories get deeper and deeper.

One of the most recent games, Need for Speed Rivals, was released for Xbox and PlayStation in 2013. Its roots began in a new studio producing the game, as well as its developers wanting to dig deep into the philosophy of NFS, and reintroduce old NFS ideals.

When entering the game, you get to choose from two paths: Cop and Racer. When you choose to be a cop, as obvious as it can be, you get to drive around smashing racers to arrest them. It’s a simple route, with several basic missions that allows you to track down racers and chase them down. On the flipside, a Racer’s career is full of different types of races, cop chases, and getaways. Both are very exciting, but if one would get bored with a career, it is easy to switch over to the opposite career and continue from there.

This game is also very interesting in terms of its variety of cars. When you complete missions and tasks within the game, you level up, and it introduces another car that is available to buy or use. The customization is so-so for the racers (the cop cars aren’t customizable), but it does have enough leeway to give a player the ability to give each car a different personality.

Back to the reintroduced parts of the old NFS games, this games focuses on cop chases and races. And with this, comes defensive and offensive tech. Some include nitro boosts, EMP, spikes, and soundwaves. These different mods really enhance the driving experience as it gives you the chance to really deal some damage to your opponents.

Overall, I would rate this game a 8 out of 10, and I would recommend this game to anyone who likes racing games, cops chases, and cars.