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Students in CHS debate were asked to write about gun violence in American schools.

Shootings at school … making sense of the madness

Students in the College in High School argument and rhetoric class, offered through the University of Pittsburgh, were recently asked to voice their opinion on the issues of gun violence in American schools.  This was just days after the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla.

Students were asked to first discuss a series of questions: how does this keep happening at our schools? Have we become numb to the pain of these events?  How can is be stopped? Should we place restrictions on guns? Should we arm teachers?

After talking about these issues, students sat down and composed the articles here, with the flexibility to touch on one of the subjects addressed during discussion, or to tackle the issue from a different direction.

School shootings: consider the root of the problem
The reasons the children aren’t the problem
The right way to handle school shootings
Many are to blame, including the media for advertising school shootings
We have slowly become numb to the pain

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