Name: Julianna Norris


What do you do for the Blueprint?

I do a little bit of everything for the Blueprint. I take/edit pictures and write stories for all different categories. I am also the copy/page editor of the site, so I edit stories from other writers and layout the Blueprint page.

What do you enjoy about Blueprint?

The Blueprint is a great way to be involved in your school and your community. It gives you the opportunity to express yourself creatively. You may also have the chance to practice leadership skills through being an editor. It is a fairly laid back class, so even though there are deadlines to meet, it’s a pretty stress free environment. You have the opportunity to form strong friendships, and you also get to improve your writing skills.

What’s the best or favorite story you have done so far?

My favorite story I have written so far is Dirty Secrets, because it was definitely a challenge.  It pushed me outside of my comfort zone, and allowed me to practice my people skills through the process of interviewing.

I am also in the process of doing a documentary on a two-week cell phone detox I did. I am really excited about that because it is the detox I have done for the Blueprint.

 What would you tell a person considering doing Blueprint?

Just do it. You do have to put in work, but it is SO worth it! You will get so much out it. You will have the opportunity to improve your writing skills, form strong friendships, and you may even get a chance to have a leadership role, such as an editor. Don’t let the fact that you may not be the best writer deter you from joining the Blueprint. The class is all about bettering your writing skills and is overall just a really great thing to be apart of!