Students Participate in Annual Poetry Slam

11th Annual Poetry Slam Had 35 Performers


Luke Hollingshead (left) and Revel Southwell (right) entertained the audience at the poetry slam with a satirical poem about the Bellwood-Antis faculty.

The Bellwood-Antis English Department held its 11th annual Poetry Slam on Friday, April 25. The slam is held every year during April to celebrate National Poetry Month.

All students submit poems. Some are entered as slams and read in front of the student body. The rest are entered into 1 of 3 categories for a poetry contest.

Allie McCaulley won the individual award for best slammer. Her poem was, “Why I Hate my Ex-Boyfriend.”

“I was nervous but when I was up there slamming, I gained confidence. I felt way better when I found out I won.”

Luke Hollingshead and Revel Southwell won in the duo category with a poem incorporating all Bellwood-Antis teachers and their catch phrases. These boys had the crowd cheering and laughing from the time they started their poem to the very end.