BluePrint garners fourth SNO award


Julie Norris

Editor in Chief Sidney Patterson and Graphics Editor Jake Miller pose with the BluePrint’s latest SNO Distinguished Site Award.

Emily Dively, Staff Writer

BluePrint Editor Sidney Patterson has seen this coming from the first day of school.

“From the first day of school, our publication is practically a machine. Every person on staff has their own job and it takes everyone doing their job to be successful as an online newspaper. This award is a staple to our website. I can’t speak for everyone on staff, but that feeling at accomplishment is insurmountable,” Sidney said.

The SNO Distinguished Sites recognition program accords news staffs six standards that will help their publications be successful online. To become a Distinguished Site, websites must meet a set of criteria of achievement for each standard.

“The Distinguished site award is always the most important award for us as a staff. We feel the requirements are so demanding that if we can get this honor we can accomplish anything,” Mr. Kerry Naylor, the BluePrint adviser, said.

This is the fourth year that the Blueprint has received this award.

BluePrint Multimedia Editor Kaelynn Behrens is proud of the team.

“This is the second time I have worked with the Blueprint to get this award. It is one of our biggest goals to achieve this title. Our staff has shown great determination and hard work throughout the process. I couldn’t be more proud of our team,” Kaelynn said.

Mr. Naylor said he is really proud of the staff for getting this award.

“It takes an entire team to meet all of the requirements and it’s not easy. Everyone has to play a part,” Mr. Naylor said.

Until next year, we will work harder than we did this year to be able to receive another SNO award.

The BluePrint is the first site in Pennsylvania to receive the distinction this year, and the fifth in the country.