Unusual Deaths


Lordin Williams

Unusual Deaths

Lordin Williams, Staff Writer

There are plenty of deaths a day. You would expect some of them to be out of the ordinary. If you have ever watched 1,000 Ways to Die, you would know that is true. Here are some pretty interesting ones.

Window Test

Now here is one I don’t really understand. A man was in his office about 24 stories up. He thought he would demonstrate how strong his windows are. He ran at the window at full speed, but survived. He tried a second time, only for the window to give out. The window didn’t shatter though, it just fell out. The reason it confuses me is because, you know, why would you even attempt this? I guess if you’re cocky enough to do this, more power to you, but I wouldn’t risk it.


I know, they used to use this to make hats, so it wasn’t that uncommon when that was a thing, but this is more recent. In about the 80s or 90s, a man was a little insane, not from mercury, just insane. He used mercury to make hats. He then lost it even more. He would yell at people who would buy his stuff and locked himself away. He ended it all by pouring hot mercury on himself.

Tanning Bed

There are plenty of stories about tanning bed incidents. I can’t go into detail about this, so I’m going to be very vague. A girl ran out of tanning lotion and decided to borrow some from her roommate. She didn’t know that the lotion was for a skin condition her friend had. The incident took place after she used the bed. Long story short, the lotion was not meant for sunlight and she melted to her sheets.

I don’t mean to show disrespect to any of these people. I give my condolences. I made this to show deaths that could be easily avoidable. The first is kind of obvious, don’t run full speed at a window. The second, maybe not so avoidable, but someone could have paid more attention to him. The third could have been avoided by reading instructions. Once again, not trying to show disrespect.