Kaelynn Behrens

Kaleah Smith loves being involved in the music program at B-A.

Kaleah Smith adores singing because “it brings out a completely different side of ” her. She gravitates towards singing because she’s been doing it for so long- since fifth grade.

Through her passion for music, Kaleah conveys how absolutely fun it is to sing and learn new techniques. That’s one reason she has been chosen as the BluePrint’s Artist of the Week.

Kaleah said the favorite songs she has performed at B-A have to be “Go the Distance” and “Stand By Me.” Kaleah, of course, also auditioned for the musical Godspell because singing is such a big part of her life even beyond chorus. Not surprisingly, she earned a part!

Kaleah’s largest influence would have to be her mother, she said, since “my mom is the one who encouraged me to join chorus in the fifth grade.” Her favorite and most inspirational artists she listens to are SZA, Beyonce, and Pnbrock.

Kaleah doesn’t truly know where she is going to take her singing career, but she plans to go with the flow and experience the journey. She also plans on auditioning for more roles in plays during her high school career, as well as honor ensembles.