Like it: Fortnite is simply top-notch

Fortnite has taken over our homes. It’s a fact. You can walk into a random group of people and guaranteed almost everyone in the group has played the game.

Much like previous game obsessions, such as Battle Royale, Candy Crush, Trivia Crack, and Pokémon GO!, it seems as if everyone plays it! However, it’s no doubt why. It’s simply well made.

Though the game is still in early stages of development, the design and playability of the game really intrigues players.

When you enter the game, it’s nothing like any of the other popular shooter games. Normally, they are in a war setting, with death and blood everywhere. But here in Fortnite, it’s almost as if Battlefield or Call of Duty were clashed together with a cartoon. It really does give it a fun and colorful feel. Even weapons, actions, and killing in the game have a silly feel to it. It makes it enjoyable.

The open-world abilities you have within the game are also extremely enforcing. In the game, a player has the ability to mine things for wood, brick, and metal in order to build walls, stairways, and floors. This really enhances the gameplay, for one could easily build a huge fort instantly, in which increases the game’s difficulty (for other players that is), as well as its creativity. It really gives it a personal touch.

Also, the game play is intensely addictive. The ‘Battle Royale’ mode is when 100 players are dropped into ‘Spawn Island’ to battle it out until one team/person remains. The present modes of Battle Royale are Solo, Duo, Squad (which holds up to four players), and groups of 20. This really lets you be in control of how many people you want to be in your team, as well as having the ability to ride it solo.

Overall, for as much as the fact that practically everyone is playing it, it is good. There are a lot of really good features in the game, and the design was well thought out. It really lets players to be sucked in, because it truly is an exceptional game.