Weird Plague Doctor Things


Lordin Williams

Plague Doctors

Plague doctors were doctors who tried to treat victims that were affected by the plague in 1346-53. To me, this is a very strange thing to base something off of. The Black Death was one of the worst illnesses to ever happen to society. Victims would experience headaches, nausea, aching joints, fever ranging from 101-105 and vomiting. The worst and most obvious was the enlarged and inflamed lymph nodes (armpits, neck and groin). I think what the doctors did was honorable because they were risking getting this illness.

Air Freshener

Granted, this is a bubble gum scented air freshener that you can buy on Amazon, but it would still be a very weird thing to have hanging in your car. I can’t imagine getting into my mom’s or friend’s car and seeing a plague doctor hanging. Not quite sure who would buy this, but if you would, I won’t judge. It is a black and white air freshener that is outlined in a bright green color. Not the most appealing looking either.

Pop Vinyl

This is very morbid. Having a figurine of a plague doctor just sitting in your home is a very strange thing. I don’t even know why someone would make this. I’m pretty sure it was from Assassin’s Creed, which is a video game. Still don’t quite agree with making it a collectible, even if it is from a game. In case you don’t know, Pop Vinyls are a plastic figurine that you can collect based off of popular characters from movies to TV shows.

Halloween Costume

I don’t like that people wear a costume that is related with millions of deaths. This seems very morbid to be something to wear, even on Halloween. I wonder of people think about the fact of where and how these doctors originated. I know people won’t typically think of that, but it still kind of bothers me. I’m a person who tries to respect events like the plague, even if it happened long ago.