Singers from the LGBTQ+ community


Lordin Williams

LGBTQ+ Singers

Lordin Williams, Staff Writer

All great singers start from small beginnings, and a lot end up making it big. There are some that I definitely think should have a little more recognition, whether it be for their voice or the meaning of their song. All of the singers mentioned are part of the LGBTQ+ community as well, which makes them deserve to be recognized even more.


Ally is known more from YouTube than her music, although most of her fans know and love her music. Granted, she only has two songs on Spotify and one on YouTube. She represents the community well in my opinion. She made a fun video fun about coming out, but made it so that people could show it to their families as an easier way to come out. She has a very unique voice and is very easy to distinguish.

Ally Hills/YouTube


I have mentioned her in another story, but she is one of my biggest inspirations. She considers herself to be part of the LGBTQ+ community as well, but thinks that sexuality goes beyond labels. She makes music that has meaning, such as Princess, War Paint, and her newest song, I Believe You. I Believe You is about sexual assault. This seems like a very sensitive subject and people seem to shy away from talking about, but she is clearly not scared how people will take this. She is my inspiration to not be ashamed of who I am.



SEE is an open lesbian and is another one of my idols. She made me, as well as others, see that we shouldn’t be scared to come out. SEE has made music that revolves around the community. Her music video for Potions is about the community. She is a very inspirational person because she is not afraid of what others think about her, and attitudes like that help with the way teens think about sexuality and if they are struggling with it. One of my favorite songs by her is She Cries.