JUST JUNIOR: Caden Nagle


Kaelynn Behrens

Junior, Caden Nagle, is this weeks Just Junior!!!

Caden Nagle, a junior at Bellwood-Antis, is this weeks Just Junior. Nagle is involved in the honors classes and works very hard to maintain good grades. He also is an active participant in his church’s Youth Group, Hunting, Baseball, and Football.

Nagle’s favorite subject in school is Problems of Democracy. When he graduates high school he wants to attend the Naval Academy to eventually become a Naval Officer.

Cadens biggest role model is his grandfather on his dad’s side. They have a really close bond together.

“While my grandfather is my biggest role model, my biggest inspiration is doing everything I do for the glory of God and to make my family proud,” said Nagle.

In his spare time, which is sparse, Nagle enjoys to hangout with his friends and family. He named two of his best friends to be Zion Poe and Kaelynn Behrens.

“I haven’t known Caden very long, but from what I’ve gotten to see, he is a very kind person who cares deeply about others,” said Behrens.

“Caden is an outstanding guy! He is as amazing off the field as he is on it! I am grateful to have such a great friend,” said Poe.