Classic Horror Movies

Lordin Williams, Staff Writer

I am a huge horror movie fan. I have been watching them since I can remember. When I was young, my dad and I would stay up and watch horror movies until we fell asleep. Some might say that horror movies holding a special place in your heart is strange, but it was a part of my childhood. This story is to show you the movies that started my fascination with all horror movies.

Night of the Living Dead- 1968

This is the movie that made the zombie genre start. I know that people my age would say that it isn’t a good movie, but I think that is because of the time period it was made in. Made in 1968, the audio and video of the film are obviously not like we have now. Regardless, this movie did what is was made to do, scare you. I feel now a days, zombie movies aren’t really scary anymore, but that is because they have been around so long. Back when this movie came out, zombies were still kind of a foreign concept. It made people scared of the already dead coming back and eating the living. I could imagine that it would scare you being a new kind of idea.

Carrie- 1976

Based on the novel by Stephen King, Carrie didn’t disappoint. Bringing the book to life, Sissy Spacek did a fantastic job bringing the awkward telepathic teen to the big screen and delivers an amazing performance. She embodies the abused and bullied 16-year-old and makes us realize exactly what Stephen King wanted Carrie White to be. This is a dark movie/book, as are all Stephen King novels. This can make you realize what some teens actually go through, minus the telekinesis.


Probably one of my favorite movis is Cujo, a movie about a ravenous dog attacking a mother and her son trapped in a car. This movie brings a fear to life, one that Stephen King wrote. The thought that this is a thing that could actually happen is bone-chilling. Also, the fact that people have a fear of dogs just makes this more of an iconic book/film. Stephen wrote books that tended to wrap around fears and phobias, which definitely helps for anything in the horror genre. The movie definitely brought the look of the rabies-stricken beast and definitely did the book justice.