Kaelynn Behrens

Alex Roberts is the Sensational Sophomore this week!

This week’s Sensational Sophomore is Alex Roberts. Roberts is involved in soccer outside of school and also participates in chorus.

Roberts says that his parents, sisters, and soccer coaches all push him to be the best person that he can be.

“My biggest inspiration would have to be Tim Howard. I read his book, Against All Odds, and despite his medical disorder he was able to become one of the best goalkeepers in the world,” said Roberts.

Alex is very excited to be a counselor for Camp Blue Diamond. His favorite subject is English.

“I love writing and finding the meaning behind things like poems,” said Roberts.

In his future, Roberts wants to attend college, find a job that he loves, and eventually have a family of his own.

Among his friends, Roberts is always the happy-go-lucky kind of character.

“Alex is a great friend and always has a great attitude during the day,” said classmate Corbin Nale.

“He is such a nice person and he never fails to make me smile,” said classmate Kaitlin Shanafelt.