Kaelynn Behrens

Anson Jones is one sensational sophomore.

This week’s Sensational Sophomore is Anson Jones. He is involved in Baseball, FCA, and Key Club.

“I’ve always loved baseball, but did not play this year,” said Anson.

He enjoys Ind. Arts II, hanging out with his friends and family in his free time, and seeing Mr. Corwell.

His main goal for the year is to pass the Biology and Literature Keystones.

He loves to watch ‘Pixels’ and reading ‘Mice and Men’.

He describes himself as fun, and a random fact about him is that he wear a size 10 1/2 in shoes.

He would like to go to college later in life, but he’s not sure yet.

But he does know that he wants be either go into business field or weld for a living.

“I see myself in 15-20 years making money and having a family,” said Anson.