Top Creepypasta


Lordin Williams


Lordin Williams, Staff Writer

I’m always the one to go find something creepy. I am fascinated with weird, unnatural, and folklore stories. Creepypastas are some of the best things to learn about if you are like me. If you don’t know what creepypasta is, they are horror-related legends. Some you most likely heard of, but I am going to explain why I find them scary.


Probably one of the most well know creepypasta, Slenderman is what your nightmares are made of. The story goes that once you see him, he will follow you until you have no fight left in you and he takes your soul. There is a version in Erie, PA that is attracted to your fear. Same concept, but knowing it is fairly close to home is kind of terrifying. There is a movie in the making anticipated to come out August of 2018.

The Licked Hand

This is one of the most unsettling to me. A girl is left home alone while a killer is on the loose. She locks the doors and goes to bed with her dog under it. She wakes to a dripping noise. Now keep in mind when she wakes to what she thinks is her dog licking her hand. She goes to see what the noise was and sees that her dog was murdered. She sees a reflection in a mirror that reads “Humans can lick too”. This makes me not want to hang my feet or hands off the bed and to check every inch of my house before I go to sleep.

Smile Dog

When you think of dogs, you think of cute and comforting balls of fluff. However, when you see this picture, I’m sure you might not think the same. This dog is probably one of the most demented things I have ever seen. With a wide “smile”, hence “Smile Dog”, this is a dog you wouldn’t want to go up to and pet, and if you do, more power to you. The legends says that if you see the original photo, you will go insane. Not a very nice thought is it?