Tune Talk: Top 3 Most Hated Bands of All-Time

Willie Williams, Staff Writer

3. U2
Sure, these guys may be loved by people like your mother or grandmother, but if you asked anyone else in the general audience how they felt about U2 and their music, there would be at least 90% of people saying they despised U2’s music as well as the band members in general. The lead singer, of course of all people, is the most disrespectful of all of the band members, which if you couldn’t tell I was being sarcastic because when is the singer of a hated band not the most annoying/most disrespectful, but in this case we have Bono, who actually isn’t terrible, he’s just simply a “bully” to his own audience as some people would say.

2. Guns N Roses
Not everybody actually hates Guns N Roses, it’s more just Axl Rose that everybody hates. He’s overall a horrible person as he was incredibly disrespectful not only to his bandmates but to his own fans. Axl was recorded all throughout his career and most of the time that he was yelling at fans for the dumbest reason, so let me name some of those moments for you. There was the time that he tackled a fan just for recording him at a concert and stormed out of the concert and blamed it on the security, and there was the time that he kicked out a guy just for wearing a Slash T-Shirt to one of this concerts. Everyone, and I mean everyone hates Axl Rose.

1. Nickelback
You’ve got to be kidding me if you’re telling me that you have never heard any of the hate on these guys, literally everybody hates Nickelback except for my sister and about 3 other people in Hollidaysburg. Some people say that Nickelback is hated because of the lead singer, Chad Kroeger, has a very cocky attitude where he claims that bands are trying to be like Nickelback, bands like Slipknot who aren’t even close to being compared with their music, and some say that their music is simply god awful and it got to a point in which somebody on Answer.com found the question, “Why Does Everyone Hate Nickelback,” and responded, “I just dropped my guitar down two flights of steps and it wrote a Nickelback song.” People say that they’re songs are unoriginal and they’re music is the same song over and over again but with different lyrics.