B-A grad, family running horse riding business


D & P Facebook page

D & P Creekside Farm offers horseback riding and many other equine-related activities.

Paige Wenner, Staff Writer

A 2018 Bellwood-Antis grad, Danielle Coakley has started a successful horseback riding business with her family called D&P Creekside Farm, LLC, located near the fire hall in Pinecroft. This business is taking off and getting a lot of recognition.

This horseback riding center is a hot spot for young children and families. It offers a variety of rides and camps for different prices. The advanced trail ride is an hour, pony rides run for a variety of times, field trail rides go for twenty-three minutes, and arena rides for ten minutes. They’ve even got a summer horse camp, which runs for seven hours a day over a week.

Booking a private party is open to anybody as well. According to Danielle, the people who go to have a good time always have fun and love the rides.

Danielle said that the business started about two years ago.

“We started the business because it was something my mom always wanted to do, and I wanted to start giving riding lessons,” she said. The family has always loved horses, so it was a perfect way to use these skills.

Danielle’s brother Patrick, who is in ninth grade, also plays a role in the business. He recently built a wagon for hay rides from scratch.

“My dad and I sat down and looked at the frame and thought we could do it. It took a weekend to build,” he said.

The business offers hay rides during the fall.

The family enjoys seeing the other families and sharing their love of horses. They promote the business through their Facebook page.

Both of Danielle’s parents grew up around horses, and Danielle got her first horse when she was six years old, so they’ve had horses for many years.

While at B-A, Danielle went to GACTC for Business Administration, so therefore she does a lot of bookkeeping. Besides the book work, she said, a number of skills are needed to run the business, including motivation, love, and ability to handle and ride horses.

If you love horses and riding them, this is the place for you!