Tune Talk: Of Mice and Men Rocks


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Of Mice and Men

If there’s one thing this generation can surely say about music, it’s that it saves and changes lives. Music is a constant – you can always come to it, no matter what time, and it will always be there to make things alright, if even for a little while.

Of Mice and Men truly is one of the bands that has the most impact on my life, and it is my privilege to share them.

Of Mice and Men is a Metalcore/post-hardcore band founded in Costa Mesa, California in 2009. After being in a few different bands, frontman Austin Carlile founded Of Mice and Men with another former band member.

Second and Sebring by Of Mice and Men

From the very start, this band was motivated from the heart, not by money or greed. The lead singer lost his mother at a young age and struggled with Marfan’s syndrome, a disorder that affects the heart and connective tissue. However, through his struggles, he made it a point to do what he loved, and what would bring his mother pride.

No doubt this band is a very heavy one, with more unclean vocals (what many would consider screaming) than clean ones, but even someone who doesn’t truly appreciate this genre for what it can do for its fans can appreciate the lyrical writing quality of this band.  Of Mice and Men’s songs are not about love or drugs or drinking or whatever mainstream artists think is the “cool thing” of the moment. These songs are about betrayal, losing someone you love and mourning their death, suicide prevention, and being able to talk about depression and other mental disorders.

This is another band that I had the privilege of seeing live, and I hold a special place in my heart for them. They are involved with their fans in a way that many groups are not, and the fan base is a tightly knit one. However, their talent on their albums is carried over thoroughly into their live experience, although the clean vocalist is not the same that recorded their first two records. They have a wonderful sound live, and they add in crowd-pleasing quips and bits of other songs to their show to truly make it interesting, not to mention the amazing energy they radiate.

The band’s debut album, Of Mice & Men, featured their most famous song, “Second & Sebring.” This song was written by Austin Carlile after his mother passed away unexpectedly. The song, no doubt, means something to everyone, and has special meaning to the band. As a starter album, this one is definitely for those experienced in the metal genre, and those who can handle the intensity this band had to offer right from the very beginning. Personally, if you’re just being introduced to this genre, I would recommend the band’s second album, The Flood. This album features another one of their fan-favorites, a song about the prevention of suicide, and speaks deeply about how things can always be worse than they are, but you shouldn’t give up. This song speaks volumes to the band’s message, and is a very powerful piece of the metal culture. The album also features a hidden track, a lullabye titled “When You Can’t Sleep At Night” written by former clean vocalist, Shayley Bourget, who now has a successful career in another band, Dayshell. They recently released a new album, Restoring Force,  in January.

This band is not only talented, but also carries a deep message that anyone, no matter if you are an out-of-place-teen just trying to find your way, or someone who’s comfortable in your own skin and just wanting something different, needs to know.

“I wanna be stronger than oceans, I wanna lift mountains high. Bring back glory to your name, I wanna move faster than time.”