Batman: Arkham Games


Lordin Williams

The best Batman Games

Lordin Williams, Staff Writer

I am a huge fan of Batman; that isn’t an exaggeration. I own at least 7 shirts and a large amount of obscure objects relating to Batman. So, who better than me to do a story on the games? I will be doing this a little differently, I will put two games that I like and the one I like the least. I will not be putting these in order either, but basing it on which one I like best.

Arkham City-(2011)
In Arkham City, which I play on the PS3 and X-box, you are in a maximum security facility called Arkham, which lies outside of Gotham. This game is definitely my favorite out of the Arkham games, especially if you have the game of the year edition. You can get multiple DLC’s(Downloadable Content) for a cheaper price. The game has the best looking “Gotham” out of all the games. I know some might say Arkham Knight is the best, but there is too much going on in the game, graphic wise and story wise.

Arkham Asylum-(2009)
Arkham Asylum was the Arkham game that started it all. This leads into Arkham city and does it beautifully. The animation for this game was amazing for this year. The graphics were so realistic. I think that the voice acting in this game was amazing,as well. It didn’t sound fake like a lot of games do. The music was also conducted beautifully. Play this one first, then play Arkham City. Just be forewarned about Arkham Origins,

Arkham Origins-(2013)
This is the game I like the least. The plot to the game is rather boring. I’m not a huge fan of the art style, either. Gotham is supposed to be a rather colorful and odd looking architecture, but in Arkham Origins, it is bland and looks like any ordinary city. I don’t like the way Joker looks in this game; he looks like he is made out of play-dough. The only thing I really like about this is Bane, who looked really good because he actually resemble the Bane in comics.