College Corner: Hannah Wicks


Kaelynn Behrens

Hannah Wicks tells BA about her college plans.

Senior, Hannah Wicks, has recently been accepted to West Virginia University.

     WVU presented Wicks with an amazing forensic science program that she just couldn’t refuse. They are the first school to ever present forensic science as a major, rather than a minor.

“I just love it. They have huge crime scene houses and really cool crime investigation classes. Also, forensic science is a female dominated STEM field and that’s very rare,” said Wicks.

     Following graduation from college, Hannah wants to be a forensic science technician. She wants to work in a police department with a lab. Wicks has even considered working for the FBI.

     Aside from the school work, Hannah is very interested in continuing her art career. She is also very excited about the badminton club that the school offers.

     Leaving high school isn’t easy for anyone. Wicks is going to miss her friends here at BA the most.

“Most of them are going to stay in PA and I’ll barley get to see them when college starts. It’s definitely going to be weird going from seeing them almost everyday, to not seeing them at all,” said Wicks.