OPINION: Turn off the tablet and pick up a good book


Sakeria Haralson

Is the ease of reading off a tablet worth what you lose when you sacrifice paper book?

Sakeria Haralson, Staff Writer

Have you ever read a thick book? I’m talking a good 800-page book. There is something oddly satisfying about watching the pages go from being a giant pile of unread pages to a large pile of pages read and understood.

However, nowadays, reading on a tablet or online is the big thing.

I believe reading on a tablet is not nearly as satisfying as reading in book form.

Here are 5 reasons to unplug the tablet and charge up a good book!

  • Tablets can die. Books are always reliable and never die on you. You can forget your cord to your tablet when you go out or you could simply forget to plug it in the night before. Books are always “Charged” they never need to be charged.
  • Tablets have a bad glare on the screen if you take it out into the sun, books are perfect to read in the sun. The reflection from the sun creates a bad glare on the screen that makes it hard to read. If you read a book in the sun, the light from the sun really helps you see the words a lot better.
  • People may say that you can read a tablet in the dark and you can’t do that with a book. The big issue with this is that reading on a tablet can cause issues with both your eyes and give you major headaches
  • Books make you feel accomplished and make you feel smart epically if it’s a good thick book. Reading a good thick book helps you comprehend a better vocab.
  • Flipping pages and just feeling the texture of the page is very satisfying. Evening watching a big pile of unread pages on the right go to read and understood on the left