Volleyball team takes down Everett


Alex Frederick

The Lady Devils improved to 4-1 against Everett.

Anson Jones, Sports Editor

The Lady Devils took home another win last night against Everett, with a 3-0 win on the road.

B-A continued its strong play. During the first set the Lady Devils let the Warriors rack up 18 points making it a close call, but they took the set 25-18.

Hope Shook, a B-A senior collected a total of 19 service points for Bellwood.

During the second set BA won once again 25-17.

Junior Karlie Feathers helped BA out with, 15 service points.

In the game winning set, B-A destroyed Everett 25-8 to make it home a little early and avoid playing 5 sets.

The Lady Devils improved to 4-1 overall and in the ICC.